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Transportation Division

The mission of the Transportation Division is to provide fair and impartial regulation of intrastate common and contract carriers offering services for hire, the LPSC ensures the public that only properly certificated and insured motor carriers of household goods, waste, and passengers are operating in Louisiana. The LPSC ensures that the motoring public is serviced by properly certificated providers of non-consensual towing and recovery services during road emergency situations. It ensures that all state and local police agencies have access to a rotation list of towing and recovery professional that have complied with all liability insurance and financial responsibility requirements of the state. By maintaining and making available to the public a list of properly certificated and insured passenger and household goods carriers, the LPSC ensures that those individuals contract with reliable and legal carriers when obtaining their services.

Tammy Burl - Transportation Administrator

De'Isha Brown - Enforcement Agent

Maegan Hood - Enforcement Agent

Derenda Geter - Administrative Coordinator

Contact Information

fax: 225-342-1402