Motor Carrier Regulations and Applications

Intrastate Authority - Operations within the State of Louisiana

Section 1 - Common Carriers of Waste Applications, Renewal Forms, and Information

Common Carriers of Waste General Order: R-34054 1-23-18

Transfer of Control or Ownership of Motor Carriers holding Waste Certificates/Permits Order: R-35298 10-8-19

All Waste applications including Attachments are to be submitted in triplicate.

Section 2 - Common Carriers of Saltwater Application and Renewal Forms (Waste classified "01" on UIC-28 manifest)
Section 3 - Common Carriers of Passengers Applications, Renewal Forms, and Information

Common Carriers of Passengers & Dispatched Taxicab Order: R-32141 4-25-2012

Charter Bus Order: 4-21-1999

Section 4 - Non-Consensual Wrecker/Towing Applications, Renewal Forms, & Information
Section 5 - Common Carriers of Household Goods Applications, Renewal Forms, & Information

Common Carriers of Household Goods Order: R-35848 General Order date 03-16-2021

Estimates Required by Household Goods Carriers Order: R-32668 dated 7-12-13

Advertising by Household Goods Carriers Orders: R-30507 4-3-08 and 8-21-08

Section 6 - Miscellaneous Motor Carrier's Forms

Application for changes to name, stock and ownership pursuant to General Order R-35298 10-8-19

Section 7 - Miscellaneous Information

Quarterly Inspection and Supervision Fees (ISF) Calculators

ISF Enforcement Order: General Order dated November 22, 2011

Interstate Authority - Operations Crossing Over State Lines

Department of Transportation (DOT) website

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration 800-832-5660 or visit their website

Unified Carrier Registration Program - Louisiana Department of Public Safety (DPS). Office of Motor Vehicles (225)925-1709 or visit the UCR website