Motor Carrier Annual Reports

It is the carrier's responsibility to obtain the annual report form each year and to file in a timely manner. It is required that the report be fully completed and notarized. It is also the CARRIER'S RESPONSIBILITY to be able to prove the report was mailed PRIOR to the due date; April 30 of each year for those filing on a calendar year basis and one hundred twenty (120) days after the fiscal year has ended for those filing on a fiscal year basis. Carriers who file after the April 30th due date (or the 120-day date for fiscal carriers) are subject to a $500.00 Late Filing Fee and a $25.00 Citation Fee if the carrier is cited.

Annual Report Forms

Intrastate Motor Carriers (household movers, passenger, saltwater, non-consensual towing and waste haulers)

Intrastate Pipeline Common Carriers