Telephonic Solicitor Registration Applications

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Instructions for Wiring Funds, ACH Payments, and Credit Card Option
What type of registration will your company need?

"Independent Solicitor or Affiliate" is the most common type of registration. Independent Solicitors are allowed to distribute the "Do Not Call" Register within employees of that same (Federal Tax ID #) firm, organization, partnership, association, or corporation. To work for or with any LPSC Do Not Call Program registered solicitor, and the information obtained through benefit of registration, affiliates (those entities identified under a different Federal Tax ID #) must also obtain a valid registration.

"Principal Solicitor" registrations are designed for solicitors that have a parent-company roll with companies or contract employees that have separate Federal Tax ID #s. Although registration and bond requirements are more costly, it allows the Principal to register and enter into exclusive relationship with dependent companies for the benefit of their shared solicitation purposes. Principal Solicitors are then allowed to distribute the "Do Not Call" Register not only within employees of their (Federal Tax ID #) firm, organization, partnership, association, or corporation, but with their authorized dependent solicitors as well.

"Dependent Solicitor" registrations can only be submitted under the authorization of a registered Principal Solicitor. It is designed to allow a telephone solicitor, who has entered into an agreement with one and only one principal solicitor, to perform telephone solicitation for their mutual solicitation purposes, under the indirect supervision of the principal solicitor. The Dependent is not required to submit a surety bond or list fees, and registration is offered at a substantially reduced rate.

If your company needs to register for the 2023 calendar year, please contact the LPSC DNC program staff at 1-877-676-0773 or donotcall@LA.GOV to obtain the appropriate forms.