Do Not Call Program - Frequently Asked Questions for Consumers

What is the "Do Not Call" program?

The Louisiana "Do Not Call" Program, established January 1, 2002, is a list, updated and maintained by the Louisiana Public Service Commission of residential telephone subscribers who wish to reduce telephone solicitations.

Who may participate in the program?

The "Do Not Call" program is available to residential telephone subscribers of Louisiana. Business numbers may not be registered in the program.

Is there any cost to me?

No. The program is free to all residential telephone customers.

How do I register?

Consumers may register directly with the Louisiana Public Service Commission by using the On-line Registration Form, or by calling the toll free number 1-877-676-0773. After you complete this step, you are a registered participant in the "Do Not Call" program.

After I register, what happens next?

After you register your telephone number, the information will be compiled and stored in a database that contains the telephone numbers of all program participants. Your information will remain confidential and will only be used in conjunction with the "Do Not Call" program.

The "Do Not Call" List is updated quarterly. It will take 30 to 120 days for your number to appear on the list, depending upon the date you register.


December 2 - March 1

March 2 - June 1

June 2 - September 1

September 2 - December 1


April 1

July 1

October 1

January 1

How long will my name remain on the register?

Your name will remain on the register for a period of 5 years.

What if I change telephone numbers?

If you change telephone numbers and wish to remain a participant of the "Do Not Call" program, it will be necessary for you to register your new telephone number in the program.

If I want to have my number(s) removed from the register, whom should I contact?

To have your telephone number(s) removed from the LPSC "Do Not Call" list, you may send a request in writing to:

Louisiana Public Service Commission
Louisiana Do Not Call Program
Galvez Building, 12th Floor
602 North Fifth Street
Post Office Box 91154
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-9154

However, if you have also registered your number with the National DNC Program it must first be removed from their database or the LPSC DNC Program will be required to include your number with each update received from the federal program.

Will the "Do Not Call" program stop all telemarketing calls?

The program is designed to reduce the number of calls residential subscribers receive from telemarketers. It will not eliminate all telemarketing calls. As defined, "Telephonic Solicitation" means any voice communication made by a telephonic solicitor to a residential telephonic subscriber for the purpose of encouraging a sale or rental of or investment in property, consumer goods, or services; or for the purpose of encouraging an extension of credit for property, consumer goods, or services; or for the purpose of obtaining information that will or may be used for the direct solicitation of a sale or rental of or investment in property, consumer goods, or services or an extension of credit for such purposes, or for the solicitation of a contribution to a charitable organization. Although considered telephonic solicitation, exceptions are granted for the following reasons:

  • In response to an express request of the person called. For purposes of this Order, in the case of property or services advertised and offered to sale directly by the owner or provider thereof, if such advertisement or offer contains the phone number of the owner or provider or its authorized representative, then such advertisement or offer shall be deemed to be an "express request" by the owner or provider for inquiries relating to the sale or purchase of such property or services. This authorization expires six months after the "express request" is granted.
  • Primarily in connection with an existing debt or contract, payment or performance of which has not been completed at the time of such call.
  • To any person with whom the telephonic solicitor has an existing business relationship, or a prior business relationship that was terminated or lapsed within six (6) months of such call, except by a person or business that conducts automobile sales and does not complete the sales presentation during the telephone solicitation and is made in contemplation of the sales presentation being completed at a later face-to-face meeting between the telephonic solicitor and the person contacted and where the contacted person has previously made purchases from the automobile dealership.
  • On behalf of an organization, which has non-profit status under Section 501(c) (3), or (6) of the Internal Revenue Code, unless such organization utilizes the services of a paid professional solicitor, as defined in R.S. 51:1901(6).
  • For the purpose of conducting marketing research, public opinion polling, or similar activities that do not involve telephonic solicitation or selling or obtaining information that will or may be used for telephonic solicitation or selling.
  • Constituting political activity. For the purposes of this Order, calls constituting political activity are defined as calls made for the sole purpose of urging support for or opposition to a political candidate or ballot issue provided that the callers identify themselves; or calls made for the sole purpose of conducting political polls or soliciting the expression of opinions, ideas or votes; or calls made by any newspaper or periodical in the state, which is qualified to be the official journal of the state or any parish, municipality, school board, or other political subdivision, as provided by Chapters 2 and 4 of Title 43 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950.
  • Without completing or attempting to complete a sale, said sale to be completed only after a face-to face meeting between the telephonic solicitor and the person called at the telephonic solicitor's primary place of business or at another location selected by the purchaser. The call must be the result of a referral of the person called to the telephonic solicitor, or be placed to an individual who is personally known to the telephonic solicitor. If placed as a result of a referral, the telephonic solicitor must provide to the person called the name of the person who made the referral. If the person called does not wish to be called after such initial call, then the telephonic solicitor shall not call that person and shall maintain a list of such persons. This exemption shall not apply if directly following the sale the telephonic solicitor attempts to deliver an item or collect payment from the person called or caused another to do so.
  • For the purpose of follow-up or periodic wellness care when the call is made to the client or patient by the client or patient's optometrist dentist, chiropractic physician or veterinarian, or an agent thereof.
If I receive a telemarketing call after my name is placed on the list, how do I file a complaint?

The Louisiana Public Service Commission provides enforcement of the "Do Not Call" program. Consumer complaints must be submitted in writing. To obtain a copy of the complaint form click here or call toll free 1-877-676-0773 and a form will be sent to you.

What kind of information about the telemarketer will I need to include in my complaint?

Any information you can provide regarding a complaint can greatly aid our investigation of the violation. Specifically, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • The Product or Service you were offered
  • The Name of the Telemarketing Company and the business they represent
  • The Time and Date of the Telemarketer call you received
  • The Telemarketer's Phone number
What about the National "Do Not Call" program? If I am registered for the LPSC "Do Not Call" program, do I have to register separately for the national program?

At this time, Louisiana will not be automatically providing numbers that are registered with the LPSC "Do Not Call" program to the National "Do Not Call" program database. You may register for both programs separately, and since there is no charge to consumers to register the LPSC encourages anyone who is interested to register with both programs. The federal program requires that consumers register both landlines and cell phone numbers that they want included in their program.

You may register with the National program by calling toll free: 1-888-382-1222 (this call must be placed from the phone you want to register) or by going on line at

What about my cell phone? Should I register my cell phone with the LPSC "Do Not Call" program?

The LPSC Do Not Call General Order prohibits solicitation calls to consumer cell phones in Louisiana, so registration is not mandatory for protection under our state program, although registration is not prohibited. Additionally, since all Louisiana numbers registered with the National DNC Program are automatically included in our database, any cell phone numbers registered with the federal program will also appear in our registry.