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Management and Finance

Johnny Snellgrove Deputy Undersecretary

Fiscal and Support Services

Patricia H. Lumbard Administrative Program Director
Anitra Claiborne  
Angel Marcel  
Kim Hargis  

Human Resources

Sarah Carls HR Director
Sara Seidel
Catherine Haines


Donna Seidel  

Do Not Call

Brenda Headlee Program Manager
Pearlie Exner

Information Technology

Brent LeBlanc IT Director
Bill Foster  
Alice Aldridge  
Derick Bergeron  
David Dufrene  
Records Office: (225) 342-3157  FAX (225) 342-0877
Terri Lemoine Bordelon  
Kris Abel  
Loretta Combs  

Contact Information
fax: 225- 342-2831
Johnny Snellgrove

The mission of the Management & Finance Division
is to provide management oversight to the other Divisions within the Public Service Commission as well as supply the necessary administrative support (budgetary, human resources, training, purchasing, information technology) in order that all staff can effectively carry out their assigned responsibilities.

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